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An Update (of sorts)

Sunday, 13. November 2005 9:48

UPDATE ON FOLLOWING POST: As the posts referenced in this post have now been pushed off of the front page of this site, I’ve deleted the mentioned pages and restored the original posts. Sorry for any confusion!

After having been contacted by several visitors that having so many small pictures on the front page of this site was slowing things down for them (read: CJ of, I’ve come up with a temporary solution of making the entirity of posts with pictures have their own pages, to which I link from the original posts themselves. So, fans of the hotdog rollup or apartment pictures (both sets), don’t worry, all the content is still there; it’s just been moved (for now) to independent pages that won’t slow down the loading of the front page of this site. This is an imperfect solution, as it means that comments can only be made in one place which is a different place from where the content is.

In time I should either come up with a more workable and usable solution (a gallery), or add the content back to posts as they fall off the main page and into the archives. I’d do more work on it now, except that I’m down in San Diego for the weekend, and really do have better things to do (amazingly enough!).

And that’s all for now. Cheers!

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Debut of Live Fantasy Football Stat-tracker

Sunday, 25. September 2005 11:21

Thouogh it probably won’t be of much interest to most of you, FFB Stat Tracker and Scoring is up and running, and looks like it’s working well. Very neat I say – it grabs FFB league info from yahoo, then grabs game data from every 30 seconds and updates the stats of the players that are in the FFB league, and then computes the player score with the yahoo scoring criteria (it’s not yet grabbing that from yahoo, thouogh – I’ve put that in manually). I know… not much, but it is neat. 😛

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Site Downtime for Upgrade – DONE

Thursday, 15. September 2005 14:32 may be down for a few minutues; we here at the enterprises are updating the code on which this site runs. Shouldn’t be an issue, but you’ve been forwarned. I’ll edit this post when things are complete.

Done with that! All is well on Downtime – less than a minute! And now I’m more secure. Or something. 😀 Anyways, please continue enjoy using 🙂

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Tuesday, 6. September 2005 19:17

I’ve been inspired by a certain forumer to see if I can’t manage to get some kind of online poker game up here. I’ve been looking into it, and am trying to decide if it’s possible. I’ve mostly been using open-source php and sql database administration and frontends for this site, but there don’t seem to be many (read: any) completed open-source and free projects for online poker. This would seem to be a potential death knell to this project.

And yet… actually working on something like this on my own could be fun, and would certainly prove to be a great learning experience in coding for php and sql databases (and probably java too so as to design a web-based user interface). So… I’m not comitting myself to this project yet… but I’m doing some research on it. So maybe poker on will exist some day in the future. The possibility, at the very least, seems to exist.

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New Pictures!

Thursday, 18. August 2005 14:42

Lauren’s updated her photo site ( with some more pictures from her trip to London! Be sure to check them out and leave a comment or two!

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Thursday, 11. August 2005 10:43

A brief update – Lauren’s returned safely from the UK, which is wonderful for me. We’re working on uploading some of her pictures to a new subdomain of the website, at Feel free to take a gander while I work on getting some more updates for the rest of the site!

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New Chat Functionality

Friday, 22. July 2005 21:38

There is now a little chatroom/box on the right side of the page. It updates without you needing to refresh it. Enjoy!

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Testing of Date and Time

Tuesday, 19. July 2005 23:56

should be better…

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Up Again

Tuesday, 19. July 2005 11:24

Well… here we are with a new beginning. And unfortunately wiped users and comments. Alas. Hopefully not much more of such things.

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