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Monday, 30. June 2008 23:22

So, I haven’t been up to nothing after all. I’ve been working on a new online photo album for the past few weeks. Most of the time has been spent uploading pictures, though some time was also spent getting the album software up, picking the pictures to put into it, resizing them (all 1200 x 900, plus smaller versions) and doing a few touchups. Right now there are a little over 650 pictures up there.

I hope to have this updated in the coming weeks to work seemlessly with the blog part of this site, so that I can put album features into the blog posts, and blog features into the picture posts, and have a single logon for both the blog and the album. We’ll see how that goes.

In the mean time, the album is up here. I’ll also add a link in the ‘links’ list to the right.

The page layout and theme will probably be changing a bit too, as it’s very basic right now, but the bulk of the work in getting the basic setup and in uploading pictures is done, at least.


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Sunday, 8. June 2008 21:19

Lauren and I went camping this weekend in Los Padres National Forest near Santa Barbara. We met up with our friend Hovhannes, who we know from UCLA. A more detailed description of the weekend’s events to follow, BUT, for now, the pictures from the trip (un-photoshopped or correct or edited or etc) are up at a new test gallery, which you can get to by clicking here.

Right now the gallery is in its default mode after installation, so it’ll likely be changing and/or becoming more integrated with’s main site once I find a free weekend with which work on it. Once that happens, more pictures will be uploaded as well – I have about 8 gigs sitting on my computer, all neatly organized into folders for years, months, and activities during those years and months. Should I manage to get the gallery system to my liking, a bunch of that will be uploaded.

In the mean time, enjoy the pictures!

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Update on the Site Update!

Wednesday, 19. December 2007 21:44

Obviously, things look a bit different here than they used to! I just completed a major update of the software that runs behind this blog (I haven’t done this for something like a year, so it was pretty overdue). In the process, the way that used to ‘look’ was temporarily lost. So, for the time being (possibly permanently, depending on how people like the new look of the site), this is how is going to be looking. I’m going to see if I can cut down on the number of months shown on the ‘archive’ section of the sidebar, as that looks overly long and cluttered to me.

In any case, the big update means 2 major things:

1) Less Spam. The spam blockers I’d been using had caught over 18,000 spam posts to the website and the minichat since I installed them, but more and more spam has been getting through lately. The spam blockers have now been updated to newer versions should be more effective.

This should *also* be the case for the minichat – I now have the ability to ban ip addresses from posting in the chatbox. Depending on how many or how few ip addresses are sending the spam, this could prove to be a complete, be-all and end-all solution to the spam problem there. This will probably be a 2-3 week process, however, as I’ll be adding the spammers’ ip addresses to the ‘blocked’ list when they do get spam through.

2) A brand new forum system. This one is more similar to the original forums in the way it looks, but it is built into the actual blog itself, so you won’t need separate sets of user names and passwords. One works for all. The new forums are MUCH, MUCH more functional than the stopgap ‘integrated’ forums that have been pretty much unused since I replaced the original forums with them.

To get to them, click on the “ Forums” link at the top of the page.


And…. that’s it for now. Feel free to let me know what you think!

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Site Update…

Wednesday, 19. December 2007 19:33

Ongoing…. Site may be going down and up for the next few hours.

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New Forum System

Tuesday, 4. July 2006 1:11

Hello all –

I’ve changed the way the forums work. I had been using a seperate bulliton board system in a sepearte part of the site; now I’ve replaced it (for the time being) with one that is integrated into this page. This means a few things: (1) no more logging in multiple times, (2) it’s easier for me to keep track of it, and (3) the potential for more traffic and use, as they’re no longer sequestered off into their own sepearte section.

It does mean a bit less functionality (this may be temporary), but it may still end up being a good thing. The link to the new forums is right where the old one used to be (click on ‘The Forums‘ and it will take you there). You can also change the picture/avatar for your posts in the ‘my profile’ section under that link on the sidebar.

Please let me know what you think!

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Update complete!

Sunday, 4. June 2006 9:56

OK; upgrade complete. We’re now running a newer version of wordpress that should help to keep the spam down. I also got a new version of the chat software running; due to the heavy spam that it has been getting, you will now need to be a registered user of this site and logged on to the site. This should help to abate the “Nice site! [link to some crappy webpage selling something” comments that had been appearing at alarming frequency over the last few weeks.

├é┬áRegistering is easy; below the chatbox under the ‘Meta’ section are options to Register and Log In. If you’re not registered, now’s the time; the login link is right below that.

For temporary ease of users, though…

To Register, click here; and

To Log on, click here.


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Site Update in Progress

Sunday, 4. June 2006 9:23

Hello all. Over the next hour or two, I’m going to be updating the backend of this site, which means that it may be going up and down during that time. Hopefully once that is done, we will see an end to the spam bots that have been plaguing the chatbox (I’m going to be looking for a new backend to that as well, so that *may* change a bit, but hopefully not too much).

I’ll post again once the updating is complete.


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A Test of an In-Post Picture Gallery

Tuesday, 24. January 2006 21:14

An attempt at implementing a gallery with some random pictures:

End of test. Let’s hope it works!

EDIT: Not quite working just yet…. fix in progress.

UPDATED EDIT: OK, it’s working! I’m going to try to see if I can figure out a way to change the background behind just the image thumbnails to a different color, but for now it looks promising.

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Sunday, 27. November 2005 21:51

It turns out that being listed on google has brought a new breed of visitors to – Spammers! They post meaningless comments on posts that have links to their websites in order to have their websites move up in search engine rankings. But since they don’t add anything to my site, and instead take up bandwith and storage space, and just want their nefarious gain in page ranking, I’m taking measures to combat them (hooray wordpress plugins!) with scripts that execute automatically.

So, if you have any problems posting comments to posts, that would probably be the reason why. If any problems do pop up, let me know, and I will rework how I’m dealing with this.


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Thursday, 24. November 2005 21:09

Something new to report! I am now findable on Google (and not just the Google blog search engine thing). If you search for jawlz on a normal google page, you will (after a few other sites) find, which links you HERE! Hooray,! It only took a few months!!!

I could have probably gotten it quicker if I had spammed random message boards with links to my website and posted tons of links to other websites from this one, but I am content. And now I am googled. Hooray.

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