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Prepared Food

Thursday, 16. March 2006 19:24

Pictures of prepared food! A fish dish (I forget what it’s called), then pizza, then steak, then fish and chips, then rack of lamb (with superb presentation by Yours Truly!)

Hungry yet?

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Pictures from the Grocery Store

Thursday, 16. March 2006 19:16

The first in a line of several posts dedicated to pictures. This one is small. 4 pictures of things at the grocery store.

Many many more to come!

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A View from the Top

Tuesday, 7. February 2006 19:57

As promised, some pictures from the top of City Hall. There’s one that I particularly like (near the end), so I played around with it a bit to get a bit of a more dramatic sunset. There’s also a picture of downtown from my apartment building at night. Also, no captions today, since they would probably all be “Building.” or “Buildings.”


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More Apartment Pictures? Enough already!

Monday, 6. February 2006 23:29

A few more pictures since I added some (two, one big, one small) houseplants to the place. And a few more pictures of my bedroom, now that it is a bit cleaner, and with one of the posters Lauren got me for Christmas up on the wall. AND a little surprise to those who read through this entire post! Enjoy:

So yeah. Pictures of my apartment. I promise no more apartment picture posts at least until I have artwork up on the walls. For now, there should be more than enough up here.

But, just in case there aren’t, or in case pictures can’t quite capture everything, I present to you the ‘little surprise’ portion of this post: a short video of a walkthrough of my apartment, set to inappropriately posh music. Download/watch it here. It’s not the highest quality, but it is a bit more than just pictures. So… click and prepare yourself for shakey-cam (it was taken with the digital camera I got for Christmas; the camera can put out much better quality videos, but I’ve compressed it for the sake of saving people time downloading and watching).


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A Walk to Work

Wednesday, 25. January 2006 18:41

This morning I left for my walk to work a bit early so that I could take pictures along the way. I ended up taking about 60. Surprisingly, most of them are even in focus; I consider this surprising because for the vast majority of them, I was only using one hand to snap shots while holding my bag with my other hand. Anyways, for those of you who are interested in the sights I see each day on my 1.7 mile walk to work, here they are. They occur here in the same order that they do on my walk. Appologies in advance for the number of them, especially since only maybe one or two is actually any good!

Also, as per usual, hover your mouse above each picture for a caption describing it, and click on it to see a bigger image. Enjoy!


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A Test of an In-Post Picture Gallery

Tuesday, 24. January 2006 21:14

An attempt at implementing a gallery with some random pictures:

End of test. Let’s hope it works!

EDIT: Not quite working just yet…. fix in progress.

UPDATED EDIT: OK, it’s working! I’m going to try to see if I can figure out a way to change the background behind just the image thumbnails to a different color, but for now it looks promising.

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