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England Pictures

Thursday, 13. November 2008 9:54

Hello all –

The pictures from our England trip are now up at in the ‘trips’ section. Lauren’s also working on write-ups of the trip, which she’ll be posting at her blog, Anglophile in LA in the coming days. I’ll see if I can’t get them reposted up here at as well.

I’ll also likely work on a writeup of the trip, which will hopefully be completed, and then posted here for all to read.

In the mean time, enjoy the pictures!

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Upstairs Balcony….

Saturday, 19. July 2008 10:36

A few pictures of it with the shade cloth, new table, new chairs, plants, and new paintings.

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Monday, 30. June 2008 23:22

So, I haven’t been up to nothing after all. I’ve been working on a new online photo album for the past few weeks. Most of the time has been spent uploading pictures, though some time was also spent getting the album software up, picking the pictures to put into it, resizing them (all 1200 x 900, plus smaller versions) and doing a few touchups. Right now there are a little over 650 pictures up there.

I hope to have this updated in the coming weeks to work seemlessly with the blog part of this site, so that I can put album features into the blog posts, and blog features into the picture posts, and have a single logon for both the blog and the album. We’ll see how that goes.

In the mean time, the album is up here. I’ll also add a link in the ‘links’ list to the right.

The page layout and theme will probably be changing a bit too, as it’s very basic right now, but the bulk of the work in getting the basic setup and in uploading pictures is done, at least.


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Apartment Pictures

Sunday, 2. December 2007 20:06

Three-and-a-half-months later……

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One room at a time… (loft edition)

Saturday, 4. August 2007 9:53

Continuing to operate in the ‘one-room-at-a-time-until-it’s-done,’ last night and this morning’s project was getting the loft/office of the new apartment put together. I’m planning on getting a larger futon/couch for the living room area, so I lugged my leather love-seat up the stairs to the loft (in retrospect, I *should* have waited until I had someone to help me with that, because at the point at which I was half-way up the stairs hanging on to this big love-seat to keep it from tumbling down the stairs, I realized that I was pretty tired; thankfully I did manage to get it up the stairs without any mishaps, though).

Then it was time to rearrange the placement of the bookshelves (no books had yet been unloaded), desk, CD tower, etc. Then came unpacking the books themselves, then more setup, cleaning, picking up, etc. In any case, it’s done now, and I have some pictures. Here they are:

Well, that’s it for now. More pictures once I’m done with the next room!

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Some Pictures (of Plants)

Sunday, 29. July 2007 19:26

Had a relatively busy weekend – still working on getting the new apartment set up. I did manage to find a Fry’s pretty close by, at which I got some extension cords for my computer desk, and a wireless adaptor for my desktop pc that is – at least so far – working perfectly. Had some very tasty Mahi-Mahi Saturday night (from the grill – having a grill again is wonderful), with some orange sorbet for dessert.

Sunday was taken up by getting plants for the deck and balcony. All told, there are about 7 or 8 different types of herbs, plus some dwarf table grapes and a dwarf orange tree (hopefully I won’t kill those last ones). I still need to get a gate for my upstairs patio, where the orange tree and grapes are; I’ll have to ask the apartment manager about getting one installed tomorrow (judging from the next-door balcony, they provide the gate).

Anyways, some pictures of the plants:

More updates with pictures to come (and of the actual apartment, too) as I gradually make the apartment more picture-worthy!

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If you’re going to San Francisco…

Wednesday, 13. December 2006 0:16

At long, long last I managed to take some vacation time off of work, and hit the road with Lauren for a long weekend of driving, sightseeing, and catching up with old friends.

A few weeks ago I received an IM from the sister of one of my old roommates – Alex – from UCSC asking if I might be able to make it up to visit him. Alex lives in Redwood City. Having just been granted my vacation days from the City after a year of non-stop work, I decided that I could probably use a few days off. And so I put in a request to take off half of last Friday and all of Monday so that Lauren and I could head up to Redwood City to meet up and catch up with Alex, and to spend some time tooling around San Francisco seeing sights.


After a few weeks of waiting, last Friday finally arrived, so I went into work in the morning, got a Motion drafted and sent off to the Council Office that requested it, and promptly hit the road at 12 o’clock to drive up to Buellton to pick up Lauren, and then to drive up to a hotel I booked in Redwood City. And so I was off!


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Vineyard Pictures (and… Dot your I’s!!)

Saturday, 6. May 2006 8:59

Last weekend Lauren and I went down to visit my parents in Escondido (just north of San Diego). They live across the street from a winery, so Lauren and I went for a walk Sunday morning. I took a few pictures.

On the drive back to LA, we also ran into one of those sign-spinners that are paid to stand on street corners and do arial acrobatics with signs advertising new real estate developments, apartments, etc. Except this one was doing things with a rather peculiar looking sign. It took Lauren and me a few minutes to figure out what it was actually supposed to say (we’re slow sometimes). A lesson of the perils of falling I’s.

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Pictures of Protest (or perhaps partying)

Saturday, 6. May 2006 7:51

Well, so much for Monday being a ‘Day without an Immigrant;’ it was far more like ‘Day with a Quarter-Million Immigrants all Partying Really Loudly Right Outside my Office.’ The protestors started out with angry chants and screams, but then some of them got some speakers set up, and a Mariachi band started playing. After that it was mainly songs followed by applause. Though one person did yell out ‘Viva Mexico!’ very loudly (possibly over the sound system), and that struck me as incredibly stupid for someone protesting to become a US citizen to do. So many Mexicans are trying to get into the US (legally or otherwise) precisely because the US is not Mexico. Mexico’s government is in so many ways dysfunctional that, at least according to immigration boosters, it becomes nececessary for Mexicans to work in the US and send their earnings back. Shouting ‘Viva Mexico!’ – especially in such a situation – is a stupid thing to do, and almost implies a tacit conscent for the way things are now (Mexico is screwed up, so come work in the US), which is fine, but if you’re conscenting to how things are now, then why on Earth are you protesting? *le sigh*

Anyways, I got a few pictures of the masses of people. The protest didn’t really affect my day too much, except that when I was leaving to go home, I was only allowed to leave out of one entrance (the entrance on Main Street) and then had to talk to the lines of police in riot gear standing and patrolling the streets around City Hall to find out which route I could take without getting in their way (the police were actually very polite, though – judging by the looks on the faces of some other people walking around – I may have been in the minority in that opinion).

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Of Museums Good and Bad

Thursday, 16. March 2006 19:38

Two weeks ago, I went to the Getty with Lauren. It was a wonderful, amazing place, full of lots of neat artwork, ancient artifacts, and some neat gardens. The next week, we went to MOCA, LA’s Museum of Contemporary Art, with some friends. It was crap. Crap crap crap. Full of crap (and an exhibit on comic books, which, to be fair, wasn’t all crap. Everything else was). And I got scolded by the security guards for taking pictures.

So, I have about 60 pictures from the Getty, and maybe 8 or so from MOCA. The last one isn’t really from MOCA… it’s a picture of a broken styrofoam cup I saw on the ground outside. It’s just as good as most of the stuff there. Anyways, here they are, Getty first, followed by MOCA. The pictures themselves aren’t in any particular order, I’m afraid. But, they are pictures. And, here they are:

From the Getty


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