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Friday, 30. May 2008 9:48

Seats for the London Chargers/Saints Game are gotten. We’ll be at the little red dot in Block 118, row 19.

Wembley Stadium Seating Chart

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FFB Anyone?

Thursday, 2. August 2007 9:56

So, after a few years of playing in other people’s fantasy football leagues, I’m starting my own. If you’re interested in joining, send me an email at – I will then send you the league info so that you can join.

I’m thinking of setting the buy-in at $15-$25, so that there’s something to pay the winners, but will discuss it in more detail once more people join up. Anyways, shoot me an email if you’re interested!

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Christmas List!

Saturday, 25. November 2006 14:25

Hope everyody had a happy Thanksgiving! Since several people have been asking me about a Christmas list, I added a bunch of stuff to Amazon’s wish list; you can view it here (side note – these things can be gotten from places other than Amazon too).


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Sunday, 2. July 2006 12:44

Ordered yesterday:

Now the long wait for delivery.

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Christmas List

Wednesday, 14. December 2005 7:39

Since many people have been asking for one, here is a (preliminary; brief) Christmas List of items that I would like. Enjoy!

– Coat (three quarters to full length [think size is 38R {not too sure; my size for suit jackets and sports coats is this or 40S, but a coat would go over them}; or medium])
– Clothes (pants are 30-32, shirts medium or 15-32/33)
– Digital Camera
– Panini Press
– Alarm Clock Radio that plays CDs (ie you can set it to wake you up to a CD)


– Civilization 4
– Rome: Total War
– The Movies


– Nicolson: Sieze the Fire: Heroism, Duty, and the Battle of Trafalgar
– Keegan: A History of Warfare
– Isaiah Berlin: The Crooked Timber of Humanity
– Gladwell: Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking
– Churchill: The River War
– Larson: Isaac’s Storm: A Man, a Time, and the Deadliest Hurricane in History
– Whipple: Study Out the Land (think this one is out of print)

And, of course, anything else that seems interesting!

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A Poster

Tuesday, 25. October 2005 20:39

As you can tell from my previous post, I am in need of artwork for my walls. Here is a poster that I thought was absolutely hilarious that the Library of Congress is selling:

LIBRARIES - for those who love... books.

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The Funniest French Guy in the World

Monday, 22. August 2005 17:26

I want to get this guy to play at Lauren’s party, but I think it’s too late. In any case, he’s amazing:

See This Video

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There is no Internet.

Friday, 12. August 2005 16:42 is a real internet site. It says that it is under construction, but there are links on its page to place orders with internet service providers, those companies that provide services with which you surf the web. Doesn’t it seem entirely odd that a site which has an address proclaiming the nonexistence of the internet is attempting to sell you services which will provide that nonexistent thing? is not a real internet site. The page cannot be displayed. Nobody owns it. Nobody has developed it. It doesn’t exist., though, is a real website. And still is not. Should one be inclined to change this, links on the page of can take one to a page at which one could register the site and so make it a real internet site. Out of nothing something, though as of right now nothing is and something isn’t.

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Love and Marriage?!?

Wednesday, 3. August 2005 21:07

Interesting thing – being bored of studying GRE vocabulary words, I got out one of my volumes of the OED and was leafing through it; came to the (5 page!) definition of ‘love,’ thought that was interesting, read it, then went back to GRE studying. I left the OED volume open, and it seems a fan was blowing on it, turning roughly 200 pages until it stopped (on its own, unobserved by me, as I was working on GRE terms) on marriage.

Quite a coincidence? You tell me! 😛

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Swiss Cheese

Wednesday, 20. July 2005 9:43

A Nifty Link:

Apparently Google wasn’t content with owning the earth and has moved onto controlling the moon that orbits our planet as well. Zooming in as far as you can on this extraterrestrial body yields an… unexpected result. Now I really want to go to the moon (I’d gorge myself in like 3 seconds flat).

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