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Thoughts from 2:00am through 6:00am

Thursday, 10. June 2010 5:51

Waking in the middle of the night, I stay up, awake but lost in a half-living and quiet world, and reflect back on the 1990s, my eyes tinted with longing, nostalgia, and history. Never before had the world known such peace and prosperity, with an amazing abundance of new wealth and literally life-changing technologies being announced, packaged, and sold at record speeds. Everything was colored by optimism. That world has been dead, though, for a decade. I don’t know what it must be like to grow up in a world haunted by 9/11, and in a country that looks ever-more outward for direction and inspiration rather than discovering those things within itself.

Obviously some of this comes from pure nostalgia – the painful yearning for youth – but not all of it. A moment in time, now passed, and passed by.

And then the sun comes slowly up, and the glow of the pre-dawn light brings with it those other feelings that can only be had after staying up all night and seeing darkness yield to softly glowing light – the feeling of having been through something, but with the permanence of the surrounding world unchallenged, immutable. Life resumes once more.

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England Pictures

Thursday, 13. November 2008 9:54

Hello all –

The pictures from our England trip are now up at in the ‘trips’ section. Lauren’s also working on write-ups of the trip, which she’ll be posting at her blog, Anglophile in LA in the coming days. I’ll see if I can’t get them reposted up here at as well.

I’ll also likely work on a writeup of the trip, which will hopefully be completed, and then posted here for all to read.

In the mean time, enjoy the pictures!

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Sunday, 8. June 2008 21:19

Lauren and I went camping this weekend in Los Padres National Forest near Santa Barbara. We met up with our friend Hovhannes, who we know from UCLA. A more detailed description of the weekend’s events to follow, BUT, for now, the pictures from the trip (un-photoshopped or correct or edited or etc) are up at a new test gallery, which you can get to by clicking here.

Right now the gallery is in its default mode after installation, so it’ll likely be changing and/or becoming more integrated with’s main site once I find a free weekend with which work on it. Once that happens, more pictures will be uploaded as well – I have about 8 gigs sitting on my computer, all neatly organized into folders for years, months, and activities during those years and months. Should I manage to get the gallery system to my liking, a bunch of that will be uploaded.

In the mean time, enjoy the pictures!

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AT&T U-Verse + repaired xbox 360 = vacation day

Thursday, 6. March 2008 11:40

As several of you probably know, I’m dropping cable and trying out AT&T’s new Uverse, which is a fiber-to-the-node system (they run fiberoptics to a node on my street, and the subscribers have lines run from that node to their homes). I should be getting the same internet speed that I had with cable, but about twice as many high-def channels on TV (including the NFL Network; Time Warner’s takeover of Comcast in Los Angeles and subsequent dropping of the NFL Network right at the start of last year’s NFL season is what made me originally dislike Time Warner). All this is about $20 less per month than Time Warner was charging. Good deal.

It is being installed as we speak. Also, since I’m at home today, I was able to accept a UPS delivery of wine and a FedEx delivery of my repaired xbox 360. Just in time for a potential Rock Band party on Saturday. Hooray!

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Apartment Pictures

Sunday, 2. December 2007 20:06

Three-and-a-half-months later……

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One room at a time… (loft edition)

Saturday, 4. August 2007 9:53

Continuing to operate in the ‘one-room-at-a-time-until-it’s-done,’ last night and this morning’s project was getting the loft/office of the new apartment put together. I’m planning on getting a larger futon/couch for the living room area, so I lugged my leather love-seat up the stairs to the loft (in retrospect, I *should* have waited until I had someone to help me with that, because at the point at which I was half-way up the stairs hanging on to this big love-seat to keep it from tumbling down the stairs, I realized that I was pretty tired; thankfully I did manage to get it up the stairs without any mishaps, though).

Then it was time to rearrange the placement of the bookshelves (no books had yet been unloaded), desk, CD tower, etc. Then came unpacking the books themselves, then more setup, cleaning, picking up, etc. In any case, it’s done now, and I have some pictures. Here they are:

Well, that’s it for now. More pictures once I’m done with the next room!

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Some Pictures (of Plants)

Sunday, 29. July 2007 19:26

Had a relatively busy weekend – still working on getting the new apartment set up. I did manage to find a Fry’s pretty close by, at which I got some extension cords for my computer desk, and a wireless adaptor for my desktop pc that is – at least so far – working perfectly. Had some very tasty Mahi-Mahi Saturday night (from the grill – having a grill again is wonderful), with some orange sorbet for dessert.

Sunday was taken up by getting plants for the deck and balcony. All told, there are about 7 or 8 different types of herbs, plus some dwarf table grapes and a dwarf orange tree (hopefully I won’t kill those last ones). I still need to get a gate for my upstairs patio, where the orange tree and grapes are; I’ll have to ask the apartment manager about getting one installed tomorrow (judging from the next-door balcony, they provide the gate).

Anyways, some pictures of the plants:

More updates with pictures to come (and of the actual apartment, too) as I gradually make the apartment more picture-worthy!

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Small bit in the LA Times

Saturday, 21. April 2007 22:20

About a week and a half ago, I gave an interview to Greg Johnson of the LA Times regarding the Time Warner takeover of Comcast last August and how Time Warner took the NFL Network off of its channel lineup; today he published his article in the Times, and he used a (small) bit of what we talked about for his article. You can his article here; the part with me in it is about three-fourths of the way through.

Not much, but something!

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If you’re going to San Francisco…

Wednesday, 13. December 2006 0:16

At long, long last I managed to take some vacation time off of work, and hit the road with Lauren for a long weekend of driving, sightseeing, and catching up with old friends.

A few weeks ago I received an IM from the sister of one of my old roommates – Alex – from UCSC asking if I might be able to make it up to visit him. Alex lives in Redwood City. Having just been granted my vacation days from the City after a year of non-stop work, I decided that I could probably use a few days off. And so I put in a request to take off half of last Friday and all of Monday so that Lauren and I could head up to Redwood City to meet up and catch up with Alex, and to spend some time tooling around San Francisco seeing sights.


After a few weeks of waiting, last Friday finally arrived, so I went into work in the morning, got a Motion drafted and sent off to the Council Office that requested it, and promptly hit the road at 12 o’clock to drive up to Buellton to pick up Lauren, and then to drive up to a hotel I booked in Redwood City. And so I was off!


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Wednesday, 6. December 2006 13:22

Last night: 3 hour brownout in my building.

This morning: Computer that won’t turn on.

🙁 🙁 🙁

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