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More posts to come

Thursday, 9. March 2006 7:52

There will be several posts to follow over the next few days, on many subjects! They include:

  • What I’ve been up to for the past month or so;
  • Delicious recipes and pictures of food;
  • My (would-be-if-this-were-a-week-ago) timely thoughts on the Oscars;
  • A description of my trip to the Getty (with pictures!);
  • Etc (Yes, et cettera isn’t really a topic, but I will probably have left over things that will be combobulated into one ‘et cettera’ post).
  • Stay tuned!

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    News Flash: Update in Progress

    Monday, 23. January 2006 18:05

    A post is being written… Pictures are just now coming out of the dark room… More on this story as it develops…

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    New Pictures!

    Thursday, 18. August 2005 14:42

    Lauren’s updated her photo site ( with some more pictures from her trip to London! Be sure to check them out and leave a comment or two!

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    A Catalogue of Books

    Tuesday, 16. August 2005 20:56

    I’ve finally decided to begin making a catalogue of all my books. I found a nifty little free program that will make a book database for you computer here and have since been hard at work putting in book info – there’s a TON of info you can put in for each book – the title and author, of course, but also the publisher, date of publishing, ISBN number, price, number of pages, date, binding, edition, description (like the stuff on the back of books), etc. It’s actually pretty neat, but it’s laborious to put in all the info. I’ve gone through 15 books so far, and if I go at a rate of 15 per day, I think it’ll take me over a month to get them all in. But it should be worth it, I think, despite the rather arduously boring task of inputting all the data. AND I believe there’s also an option to export a list to an HTML file, so… who knows – eventually you may be seeing a Library of Charles appear on this site.

    In the mean time, there’s not much to do but keep plugging away at it. But for now… I’ve entered my share of books for the night. On to other things. 😛

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    Sunday, 14. August 2005 19:26

    So… it seems that my.ucla is down ONCE AGAIN, and this time the site being down was both unplanned and unannounced! (Note: technically it’s not down, and if you go here you can login fine and do everything normally. It’s just their first page that’s down.) And, as per usual, is UP AND RUNNING, including the Official forums! Just another sign that we (I) here at are (am) doing our (my) very best to keep the electronic modes of communication open for all you wonderful internet surfers out there!


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    Thursday, 11. August 2005 10:43

    A brief update – Lauren’s returned safely from the UK, which is wonderful for me. We’re working on uploading some of her pictures to a new subdomain of the website, at Feel free to take a gander while I work on getting some more updates for the rest of the site!

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    A Long Overdue Post?

    Thursday, 28. July 2005 23:24

    So, it seems that I somehow lost 3 days or so, and those days went on without any site updates. Alas! And I will have to save my promised posts on what understanding is/means/etc until the weekend when I have time to mull over my thoughts and to actually write them down.

    I will, in the mean time, have smaller updates, and will post an old short story I wrote back in my Santa Cruz days (and perhaps after that older stories, and possibly younger too). I will in the mean time jot down notes to myself on my next ‘topic’ post, which will hopefully have something about which people can comment and debate and such. But for now, a story (two if I can find the picture that goes with one of them). I’ll put a little preamble type thing before each begins, so you can have some idea of my current thoughts on what I wrote then (feel free to read them after the story if you think that they might spoil anything, though I’ll try to keep them ‘spoiler-free,’ so to speak.

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    Delay of post on Understanding People

    Sunday, 24. July 2005 23:01

    Looks like I ran out of time today for the post I promised yesterday. I’ll write it up and have it posted tomorrow, though. Until then, then!

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    my.ucla down? is still up!

    Friday, 22. July 2005 17:02

    Even though the my.ucla forums are down, and will be for 2 hours, I pledge to keep the official forums up and operational, free of charge to you, throughout the my.ucla blackouts! Post away!

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    Welcome to!

    Wednesday, 20. July 2005 1:46

    Well, it’s about 1:40 in the morning here in balmy Southern California, and I’ve found something with which to occupy myself. What, you ask, is that thing? Why, you’re looking at it at this very moment! On a half-whim, I decided to start up my own webpage, and after finding an excellent deal with a company that is currently hosting it, here it is.

    After about 5 hours of getting this thing set up, it looks like it’s up and running and working (for the time being); it only took me restarting the entire site once to get things figured out (for the most part…). The general format/design/graphics of this site will probably change some time in the near future (lacking any currently installed real image-editing program on my computer, I’ve been reduced to MS Paint 🙁 ), though the general idea and layout should stay pretty close to how it is right now.

    I’ll try my best to keep the posts here coming. Please feel free to comment on them! I’ve also gotten some forums set up, and registration is currently open to anyone who’s interested. Enjoy a nice relaxing break from the fast-paced never-a-minute’s-rest posting of the my.ucla forums, and possibly also talk with other friends of Jawlz who (for better or worse) lack the UCLA pedigree!

    And I think that that’ll be my final post for now. I’m going to go off to bed and dream of what wonderful things I can now do with this website.


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