Starting up again….

So…. looking back at this website/blog, it’s been one year, three months, and one week since I last made a post or updated anything.

However, over the last few days (or weeks) I’ve been thinking to myself, ‘I should really update my blog, and think about posting to it again.’ And so, the update and this new post. I plan to post more regularly (i.e. more than just once every 1.25 years), and on adding in my thoughts on things that I read, drink, eat,  play, etc. Almost reviews, I suppose. I generally have an opinion about those things, so it seems to make sense that they would furnish me material about which to write. That’s the plan, anyways.

To go along with that, I spent this morning redesigning the blog, updating features, getting the forum system back up and working,  cleaning up spam, and generally just some retrofitting that needed to be done. I plan to have the next few posts up soon.


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Date: Saturday, 20. February 2010 12:58
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    Welcome back to the blogging world. Just an FYI that avast (and I think AVG) block access to your site because of the iFrame (or whatever) used in the site html. You might want to google and see if there’s a way to overcome this in the template. I’m posing here via the Window 7 virtual PC mode (creates an XP virtual machine).

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    Interesting. AVG didn’t see anything, but I found an iframe code hidden in one of the posts; it has been removed, and I’m not finding it anywhere else. Hopefully the upgraded version of wordpress will help protect against this happening again.

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