So, I haven’t been up to nothing after all. I’ve been working on a new online photo album for the past few weeks. Most of the time has been spent uploading pictures, though some time was also spent getting the album software up, picking the pictures to put into it, resizing them (all 1200 x 900, plus smaller versions) and doing a few touchups. Right now there are a little over 650 pictures up there.

I hope to have this updated in the coming weeks to work seemlessly with the blog part of this site, so that I can put album features into the blog posts, and blog features into the picture posts, and have a single logon for both the blog and the album. We’ll see how that goes.

In the mean time, the album is up here. I’ll also add a link in the ‘links’ list to the right.

The page layout and theme will probably be changing a bit too, as it’s very basic right now, but the bulk of the work in getting the basic setup and in uploading pictures is done, at least.


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Date: Monday, 30. June 2008 23:22
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