AT&T U-Verse + repaired xbox 360 = vacation day

As several of you probably know, I’m dropping cable and trying out AT&T’s new Uverse, which is a fiber-to-the-node system (they run fiberoptics to a node on my street, and the subscribers have lines run from that node to their homes). I should be getting the same internet speed that I had with cable, but about twice as many high-def channels on TV (including the NFL Network; Time Warner’s takeover of Comcast in Los Angeles and subsequent dropping of the NFL Network right at the start of last year’s NFL season is what made me originally dislike Time Warner). All this is about $20 less per month than Time Warner was charging. Good deal.

It is being installed as we speak. Also, since I’m at home today, I was able to accept a UPS delivery of wine and a FedEx delivery of my repaired xbox 360. Just in time for a potential Rock Band party on Saturday. Hooray!

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Date: Thursday, 6. March 2008 11:40
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