Some Pictures (of Plants)

Had a relatively busy weekend – still working on getting the new apartment set up. I did manage to find a Fry’s pretty close by, at which I got some extension cords for my computer desk, and a wireless adaptor for my desktop pc that is – at least so far – working perfectly. Had some very tasty Mahi-Mahi Saturday night (from the grill – having a grill again is wonderful), with some orange sorbet for dessert.

Sunday was taken up by getting plants for the deck and balcony. All told, there are about 7 or 8 different types of herbs, plus some dwarf table grapes and a dwarf orange tree (hopefully I won’t kill those last ones). I still need to get a gate for my upstairs patio, where the orange tree and grapes are; I’ll have to ask the apartment manager about getting one installed tomorrow (judging from the next-door balcony, they provide the gate).

Anyways, some pictures of the plants:

More updates with pictures to come (and of the actual apartment, too) as I gradually make the apartment more picture-worthy!

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Date: Sunday, 29. July 2007 19:26
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  1. 1

    Beautiful plants, great new patio, grill, and I love that the new pots match the grapes! You accomplished a lot!

  2. 2

    Jesus, your place looks awesome, like a resort or something. Plants probably cost a pretty nickel, eh!??!

  3. 3

    They cost a bit, though I think the pots cost more (I got the nice looking ones for the orange tree and grapes). The dwarf orange tree was like 20 bucks, each grape vine was $6, and a bunch of the herbs lauren brought over.

    I think it’s going to save money as far as cooking goes, though – buying fresh herbs in the grocery store can cost a chunk (basil is like $2.50-3.50 for a little pack of it!)

    The place is pretty cool – once it’s all unpacked and set up, you and katja will have to come over to visit sometime!

  4. 4

    YAY – pics!! Everything looks great!
    If you’re looking for basil check out Trader Joes they have great basil plants. I’ve got one from there and snip on it all the time.

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