Pictures of Weeks Past

It’s been too long with no posts; so now, finally, a post with some pictures from the past few weeks (including trips to Hollywood, food, and the Chargers Titans game).

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Date: Monday, 18. September 2006 22:11
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    Yay pictures!
    OMG – Roy Rogers and Trigger — and a little Durante and Bogart too. I’ve always wanted to go there and see all the “prints” – I’m guessing that perhaps Lassie has a spot too? Shhh – don’t tell Niik – she’d want her picture taken there!
    Love the elephant!
    The food of course LOOKS deeelish! Mmmmm. And wow – pictures on your wall — I need to do that in my office. Hmmm maybe this week.
    G O C H A R G E R S !!!!!

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