Jawlz.com 1 Year Anniversary

It was one year ago today that out of a fit of boredom and a lack of anything productive to do, jawlz.com was begat. That officially makes this website 1 year old. Happy birthday, jawlz.com!

Planned for the next few weeks/months: Exploration and tests of changing jawlz.com from a more blog-like entity to a more portal-like entity, with a fully integrated blog, forum-system, chat-system, and image gallery, and playing around with getting some version of phpFFL to work on a subdomain of jawlz.com. Stay tuned!

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Date: Wednesday, 19. July 2006 18:15
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    lets have a party to celebrate jawlz.com’s birthday!!!
    how about this saturday? at 6pm?

    Happppppyyyyyyyy Birthday Jawlz.com!!!!

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