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Hello all –

I’ve changed the way the forums work. I had been using a seperate bulliton board system in a sepearte part of the site; now I’ve replaced it (for the time being) with one that is integrated into this page. This means a few things: (1) no more logging in multiple times, (2) it’s easier for me to keep track of it, and (3) the potential for more traffic and use, as they’re no longer sequestered off into their own sepearte section.

It does mean a bit less functionality (this may be temporary), but it may still end up being a good thing. The link to the new forums is right where the old one used to be (click on ‘The Forums‘ and it will take you there). You can also change the picture/avatar for your posts in the ‘my profile’ section under that link on the sidebar.

Please let me know what you think!

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Date: Tuesday, 4. July 2006 1:11
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  1. 1

    Could’t sleep? 1:11 am and 2:54 am posts?

    Anyway, the Post Reply in the forum gives no link when I put my mouse over it. So, unless there is a link some where that I missed, I think there is something incorrect in the installation or in your database granting privledges.

  2. 2


    The 1:11 am is accurate; the 2:54 isn’t, though. It was too hot to sleep!

  3. 3

    interesting. You could restrict the avatar size. I just put this HUGE pic and went thru. screwed up the look of the msg board. but then since it’s only going to be your friends and family, I’m sure no one will be using humongous avatar pics. (yes, i changed it immediately)

    I’m sure we’ll find out more good things and flaws (if there are any) when we actually use it. if we actually use it. :P:P:P

  4. 4

    But I thought you had air conditioning! If I were you I’d try looking for the on switch!

    >>The 1:11 am is accurate; the 2:54 isn’t, though. It was too hot to sleep!

  5. 5

    Hahahaha, I agree! Listen to your mother Charles!

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