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So I can finally write my own posts which is kinda neat. I just hop I don’t mispell anything, because that would be embarrassing as a new UCLA Grad with Honors etc.

We had a very busy day yesterday, and Charles was an absolute saint with my crazy family! My 90yr old Grandfather, my Dad, Mom and Aunt Carolyn all came to see me graduate, and Charles had the job of herding them around the beautiful UCLA campus as well as helping me figure out where to go. We had some difficulty getting out the door because my family is notoriously unconcerned with punctuality, making me very nervous because I didn’t know what kind of chaos would rain down upon my head if I didn’t get to Royce on time! Charles helped me get into my robes and attach the gold rope and hat (which explains the rather unflattering picture of me in my bathroom), and we were off like a herd of turtles. So we got through the first ceremony without misshap (except for the diabolical mispronounciation of my name: Loreen Van Mule-em), and I even bumped into people I knew either from tutoring them, or taking classes with and from them (one of my fellow honors grads taught a student lead seminar on education policy). After the beautiful Honors Ceremony, Charles and I hunted down Jennifer Wilson, my fairy godmother at UCLA as well as the Vice Provost of College Honors.

An hour later we met Ace and Katja, and Charles fought through ropes and disagreeable security guards to get me a Pepsi– way to go Charles! Between the blistering sun and 100% Acetate black robes that don’t breath, I was cooking. Again, I didn’t think that I’d be able to find any friends in the crowed of 5000 students, but Hovhannes, one of the best people on earth and a good friend was sitting two rows behind me in Pauley Pavilion.

Ace was among the 3 finalists for the role of student speaker at commencement, but to the great misfortune of all 5000 students, he was not chosen. The girl who was chosen… well, she wasn’t chosen for the quality of speech. The girls sitting behind me mercilessly heckled her for the torrent of cliches, and I had to admit that I felt I had heard that speech many times before. Mayor Villaraigosa was much better. He is very charming, charismatic, and loyal to his alma mater. Then there was dinner, expensive wine, champagne and SLEEP which I very much needed after staying up til 3am the night before completing my last college paper. The End… or is it… THE BEGINNING. 😛

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Date: Saturday, 17. June 2006 13:22
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    Your first post! Congrats!

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    OK, my turn! Over 21 years ago…I became the proud Mom to the most beautiful, brilliant, imaginative, creative, sweet girl. She had a passion for learning, a great sense of humor and a gentle love for animals. I remember when she first tried to open one of my many babyproofed cupboards that took us all day to install. She stared at the extra lock, pressed it with her little finger, and opened the door in 5 seconds. I knew she must be a genius! So, my job from then on was easy; I just had to make sure she stayed that way, and apparently SHE DID!!! Congratulations Sweetie! You are still amazing 🙂 Love, Mom

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