10 minutes to the 405

then how come nobody’s moving?

 6:45 am – Music comes on. Gradually wake up

7:00 am – Alarm goes off. Get up to turn it off.

7:05 am – I’ll just lie down on the bed for five minutes, then get up, dressed, and ready for work.

7:55 am – What? Oh Crap! It’s 7:55! I was asleep! Quick, get ironed, get dressed, get clean, get ready! You’re late!

8:12 am – Too late to walk and get to work on time. Take the car, drive nearby, and park.

8:24 am – Found lot less than two blocks from work. Payed $6.00. Parked

8:28 am – At work, two minutes ahead of schedule!

11:20 am – Time for an early lunch. Want to try out the new Sbarro’s, but yesterday the line was really long, so I’ll leave early to beat the line!

11:24 am – Oh crap. The line is really long; out the door.

11:28 am – Wow… that line moved pretty quickly.

11:36 am – This pizza’s not so bad! Time to finish my breadsticks and head back to work.

11:46 am – Back at the desk. More report writing.

4:30 pm – Hmm… I’m going to Lauren’s tonight… I should leave ~10 minutes early to be at the front edge of rush hour traffic, so I’m not stuck sitting behind a billion cars.

4:50 pm – I’m off!

4:55 pm – What the hell? All the gates to the parking lot I parked in are locked shut. I can’t get into my car.

5:00 pm – Lets check at the lot across the street. Nobody here.

5:05 pm - How about the alley behind the lot I parked in? Nothing.

5:08 pm – Oh, there’s somebody. What? Wait here and you’ll open the gate? OK.

5:10 pm – In the car, off towards the 110 South Entrance.

5:15 pm – Hmm… this onramp looks REALLY slow and crowded. I’ll try the one further down.

5:25 pm – What a mistake! The light has cycled 5 times, and I *still* haven’t gotten passed it.

5:45 pm – Merging onto the 10 West from the 110 S. Things are finally moving smoothly!

5:49 pm – So much for moving smoothly. I’m sitting in a parking lot on the freeway, the traffic information sign up ahead mocking me: “10 minutes to the 405.” 10 minutes to the 405? Then howcome nobody is moving?

5:51 pm – Hmm… we’re starting to move.

6:03 pm – Wow… the 405! Well… that was *14* minutes, not 10. I still have a right to be bitter at the damned sign!

6:12 pm – Pulling into parking lot at Ralphs. I should buy Lauren some flowers; I haven’t bought her flowers in a while.

6:14 pm – Hmm… A dozen roses,  or a orange, purple, reddish arrangement?

6:15 pm – Same question! Ah, hell, get both!

 6:23 pm – At Lauren’s door. Holding flowers behind back. Knock on door with forhead.

6:23:30 pm – Lauren opens door. “Hi! Which hand?” “Umm… that one.” “Here!” Hand Lauren orange, purple, reddish bouquet. “Oooo! Thank you!!” Lauren smiles! “Also, you get this hand too, because I couldn’t decide which to get!” Repeat previous part!

6:24 pm – Help Lauren snip stems and put flowers in vases.

6:25 pm – Meet with Lauren’s Shakespeare Study Group. Make somewhat intelligent comments. Be asked ‘You were a poli-sci major? How come you know about Shakespeare?’ Answer, “same reason you’re in this course – to be able to talk about it when it comes up in cocktail parties!”


All in all, a good day.

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Date: Thursday, 8. June 2006 23:34
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    I’m nominating this as one of your Top 3 posts so far, if not THE best!!!!!!!!!!! I got to get my woman flowers sometime too, been a while. I’ve just left her notes here and there though.

    About getting up late, I KNOW you’ve learned about the “5m extra trap,” where you say you’ll lay down for a bit, and then you’re shitting your pants because it was more like 35-55 minutes of laying!!!!!!! Oh, and at least you have A/C in your car. My damn car doesn’t have it, I’m dying all the time! 🙁

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