Pictures of Protest (or perhaps partying)

Well, so much for Monday being a ‘Day without an Immigrant;’ it was far more like ‘Day with a Quarter-Million Immigrants all Partying Really Loudly Right Outside my Office.’ The protestors started out with angry chants and screams, but then some of them got some speakers set up, and a Mariachi band started playing. After that it was mainly songs followed by applause. Though one person did yell out ‘Viva Mexico!’ very loudly (possibly over the sound system), and that struck me as incredibly stupid for someone protesting to become a US citizen to do. So many Mexicans are trying to get into the US (legally or otherwise) precisely because the US is not Mexico. Mexico’s government is in so many ways dysfunctional that, at least according to immigration boosters, it becomes nececessary for Mexicans to work in the US and send their earnings back. Shouting ‘Viva Mexico!’ – especially in such a situation – is a stupid thing to do, and almost implies a tacit conscent for the way things are now (Mexico is screwed up, so come work in the US), which is fine, but if you’re conscenting to how things are now, then why on Earth are you protesting? *le sigh*

Anyways, I got a few pictures of the masses of people. The protest didn’t really affect my day too much, except that when I was leaving to go home, I was only allowed to leave out of one entrance (the entrance on Main Street) and then had to talk to the lines of police in riot gear standing and patrolling the streets around City Hall to find out which route I could take without getting in their way (the police were actually very polite, though – judging by the looks on the faces of some other people walking around – I may have been in the minority in that opinion).

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Date: Saturday, 6. May 2006 7:51
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    Wow – looking at the pics it was something to behold. Around here the difference was a very very light day in terms of freeway traffic and lots of demonstrators crossing against the lights holding up local traffic.
    The pics make the people look like the white dots on non-peril candies. 😉

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