Vineyard Pictures (and… Dot your I’s!!)

Last weekend Lauren and I went down to visit my parents in Escondido (just north of San Diego). They live across the street from a winery, so Lauren and I went for a walk Sunday morning. I took a few pictures.

On the drive back to LA, we also ran into one of those sign-spinners that are paid to stand on street corners and do arial acrobatics with signs advertising new real estate developments, apartments, etc. Except this one was doing things with a rather peculiar looking sign. It took Lauren and me a few minutes to figure out what it was actually supposed to say (we’re slow sometimes). A lesson of the perils of falling I’s.

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Date: Saturday, 6. May 2006 8:59
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    ROTFL – dot your i’s pic!!! Love it!!

    Great shots of the vineyard. It’s always nice to see things through someone else’s eyes! Wish I’d had more time that weekend. Took almost 1300 photos in three days that weekend and on my way to probably 1200 this weekend – of course not all are great but a lot are pretty cool.

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