So, it’s off to work for me, right to where so many annoyingly loud people will be protesting later today. Fun fun fun!

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Date: Monday, 1. May 2006 5:41
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    So where is the economist who decides if illegal immigrants are economically good or bad for this country? I’m so confused! They obviously add to sales tax, education funding for schools, and benefit big companies and agriculture with lower wages. So the offset is taxpayers cost of health care and education. Granted they are illegal, but if they are an illegal BENEFIT, seems like making them legal would be a good thing. So, what is the consensus here? Are we just dealing with the inevitability of a massive expansion of a poverty level population so other components aren’t relevant?

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    Post your thoughts on the my.ucla.forums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 :-/

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    WTF Woot!

    Not everyone is a student of ucla, you know. why not use forums?

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    Yeah, shameless advertisement on my part. Hope the gods don’t haunt me, damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Nah. It’s clear that the Gods either don’t exist, don’t care, or are on vacation at the moment.

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    I agree, the Gods are too distracted these days! 😛 Also, I would like to know the statistics of illegals in our prison system. Why are they here? What is the cost? Can’t we build a prison for them in Mexico, our gift?

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