Prepared Food

Pictures of prepared food! A fish dish (I forget what it’s called), then pizza, then steak, then fish and chips, then rack of lamb (with superb presentation by Yours Truly!)

Hungry yet?

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Date: Thursday, 16. March 2006 19:24
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  1. 1

    OK I was getting hungry with the grocery pics, now I’m famished. Looks so good I can almost smell it.

  2. 2

    you guys should audition for a food network cook show in about 2 years time (by that time you guys will be experts and have a lot of recipies). screw phds and working for the man.


  3. 3

    I agree! That would be fun, though Charles should be warned that they use makeup on guys for television shows. :O I don’t know how he’d handle that… 😛

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