Of Museums Good and Bad

Two weeks ago, I went to the Getty with Lauren. It was a wonderful, amazing place, full of lots of neat artwork, ancient artifacts, and some neat gardens. The next week, we went to MOCA, LA’s Museum of Contemporary Art, with some friends. It was crap. Crap crap crap. Full of crap (and an exhibit on comic books, which, to be fair, wasn’t all crap. Everything else was). And I got scolded by the security guards for taking pictures.

So, I have about 60 pictures from the Getty, and maybe 8 or so from MOCA. The last one isn’t really from MOCA… it’s a picture of a broken styrofoam cup I saw on the ground outside. It’s just as good as most of the stuff there. Anyways, here they are, Getty first, followed by MOCA. The pictures themselves aren’t in any particular order, I’m afraid. But, they are pictures. And, here they are:

From the Getty

And now, for the horrendous MOCA

Lots of pictures, yes. Conclusion: Getty, good, MOCA bad.

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Date: Thursday, 16. March 2006 19:38
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    Wow – what a difference between the two – at least that I can see in the photos. I was at the SD Musuem of Photographic Arts a few months ago. Got all excited that I was going to see some incredible stuff….. wrongo! Was just crap. Well, not all of it, but easily 80-90% was totally worthless.
    Now Getty – that’s a place I would love to go to. What a dream to play with a camera there! Thanks for sharing the photos!

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    im lollering

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