The Loot So Far… (and, a very Merry Christmas to everyone)

Christmas with Lauren and her Mom has turned out to be a good deal! I got a great number of very neat presents. To recap, I will list what they are!

One V-Neck Sweater that is VERY soft
2 couch-sized pillows to replace the ones on my couch that are leaking down.
A Flashlight
A Chargers Ornament (rather bad timing, unfortunately, but hey, what can you do?)
Plastic Army Men (Yes, I’m still a little kid)
An electric hand mixer (no more sore arms after making cookies!)
A Picture of Lauren (need to decide whether it’s going to go in my apartment or on my desk at work)
Two posters (one the ‘libraries – for those who love… books’ one; the other one of a neat old map, which I’m going to frame and put on my walls (yay! Finally artwork on my walls!)
A book (I don’t remember the title!!)
A fondue pot (we had Swiss Fondue last night after all, keeping the family tradition of Swiss Fondue on Christmas eve alive and well!)


A small 24 bottle wine cellar (it’s going to be fun getting it up to my apartment!)

So, so far, I’ve made out quite well.

So far I’ve gotten Lauren a copy of The Sims 2 (since she loves playing it on my computer), a cheese board and knife set, a panini maker, and a necklace of akoya pearls. I may be finding a few more things for her this week, before my ‘second christmas’ back home with my parents next week. We shall see. All in all, though, a good haul, and a good christmas regardless.

Merry Christmas to everyone out there: hope your holidays are going well and are full of good cheer and happiness.

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Date: Sunday, 25. December 2005 14:22
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    Glad to read about how well your Christmas went. It always brings me great joy to hear about good people having just, good times. I know you and LV scarcely (sp?), but you have my best wishes in the growing of your great relationship between two truly nice people with integrity and little ill feelings to people. That’s deserving of the K.O. seal of approval!!!!!! 😀 Merry Christmas to you and yours (and LV, of course!!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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