Merry Day of Christmas Eve!

Hello all! It’s been a rather bleh week; Lauren took off for her mom’s on Monday, and I promptly caught a rather bad cold. I was fine monday, then mediocre Tuesday day, and then just wiped out on Tuesday evening; I ended up taking Wednesday off (had a 101.8 degree temperature in the morning). So I moped about all of Wednesday, and returned to work Thursday. As I haven’t yet accrued any sick days, I’ll be working off the time I missed (I worked 10 hours Thursday and 6 hours Friday, 2 more than normal hours would have been on both, so I’m half-way there). And then I went home and crashed until this morning, when I woke up and drove up to Lauren and her mom’s house to spend Christmas. There are a lot of presents under the tree!

I’m gradually getting my health back; in a week or two I should have it all behind me, but for now I’m doing better than I was two days ago.

So, that’s how things are now! Merry Christmas to everyone, and I hope that everyone’s holidays are happy and more healthy than my own!

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Date: Saturday, 24. December 2005 13:43
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