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Today, we have something of a journal entry, but with 2.5 days condensed into one. Beware: grammar, style, and organized thought may be hard to find here. It’s almost a semi-stream-of-consciousness type of thing, except that it’s more random than it is incomprehensible. Anyways, enjoy!

Friday Night

Went to a theater in Glendale to see Narnia. I thought it was good, but was distracted by very annoying and loud teenagers up in the front (talking and laughing throughout the movie) and another rather chatty church-group behind me (not as bad as the teenagers, but were still chatting at some inopportune times). The visual effects were tremendous, the little girl was perfect, and the others did well also. I’m not sure that I would have cast Liam Neeson as Aslan, partly because his voice isn’t that deep, and mostly because it’s so recognizable but other than that I don’t really have any qualms about it. I wish I could have seen it in a quiet theater, because the loud people talking distracted me from the film and broke the mood and suspension of disbelief, and this isn’t the fault of the film itself. Lauren loved it.

Side Note: Glendale is a VERY NICE and very likable place. I think that I’ll be hitting it up more often in the future.


Putzed around for the first half of the day, then went to go window shopping @ Rodeo Drive with Lauren. Was fun, but the prices on things were incredibly waywayway too much. Like over 4000 dollars for a coat made of cotton with a little bit of fur on it at Ralph Lauren. Many other coats and jackets above 2000 dollars. Also in a window the biggest pearls I’ve ever seen (like over an inch in diameter) – I thought they were fake, because I don’t think that any pearls occur naturally that size, because the oyster would have to be GINORMOUS, but Lauren said they were probably real and very very expensive (though we didn’t see a price). We also went into Louis Vatton (LV for Lauren VanMullem!) and looked at ridiculously overpriced purses. Then we went into Brooks Brothers and looked at reasonably overpriced clothes (ie clothes that were too much, but would be decent prices if they were put on sale – like the sticker price of things in department stores before they mark them down a bunch). We also ate lunch at a
mexican place, and I had ribs that were very good. We had leftovers and were going to use them as food the next day, but while walking Rodeo we ran into a bum who asked if he could have the food – since my refrigerator is usually the place that leftovers go to die (ie I almost always forget about them until they’re no longer safe to eat) I gave them to him.


More putzing around in the morning – watched an episode of the Cosby Show, then a Christmassy episode of MacGuyver! Much fun! Then watched (unfortunately) the Chargers game. Accidentally stubbed my pinky toe on my left foot on the ground while walking, and now it is all bruised. In the evening we went to Costco to get food and christmas gifts, and I found a 1996 vintage bottle of Spanish red wine for $14.00, so I bought a bottle, and will try it tonight to see if it is any good; if it is a return trip may be in order. Anyways, we then went across the street to Target, where I sent Lauren off to browse while I found her the PERFECT christmas gift, and she doesn’t have any idea what it is (she thought she did, but she was wrong)!

We then went to go see Pride and Prejudice at a very small theater with thin walls (I could hear Narnia playing in the theater next to ours occasionally). The film was very good – Kierra played her part well, the dialogue was witty and enjoyable, as one would expect from one of Austen’s works, the mother and father were played perfectly, and the English countryside looked as lovely as ever.

Then we got a bit lost while trying to our way back to the freeway (Lauren doesn’t like using Thomas Guides, so eventually we kinda just winged it). In the end we managed to find our way.

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Date: Monday, 12. December 2005 11:22
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