An Update (of sorts)

UPDATE ON FOLLOWING POST: As the posts referenced in this post have now been pushed off of the front page of this site, I’ve deleted the mentioned pages and restored the original posts. Sorry for any confusion!

After having been contacted by several visitors that having so many small pictures on the front page of this site was slowing things down for them (read: CJ of, I’ve come up with a temporary solution of making the entirity of posts with pictures have their own pages, to which I link from the original posts themselves. So, fans of the hotdog rollup or apartment pictures (both sets), don’t worry, all the content is still there; it’s just been moved (for now) to independent pages that won’t slow down the loading of the front page of this site. This is an imperfect solution, as it means that comments can only be made in one place which is a different place from where the content is.

In time I should either come up with a more workable and usable solution (a gallery), or add the content back to posts as they fall off the main page and into the archives. I’d do more work on it now, except that I’m down in San Diego for the weekend, and really do have better things to do (amazingly enough!).

And that’s all for now. Cheers!

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Date: Sunday, 13. November 2005 9:48
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