Site Downtime for Upgrade – DONE may be down for a few minutues; we here at the enterprises are updating the code on which this site runs. Shouldn’t be an issue, but you’ve been forwarned. I’ll edit this post when things are complete.

Done with that! All is well on Downtime – less than a minute! And now I’m more secure. Or something. 😀 Anyways, please continue enjoy using 🙂

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Date: Thursday, 15. September 2005 14:32
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  1. 1

    More secure, eh?

    Yet I can still post there!!

    A-HA!! hehehehe

  2. 2

    Just so you know, your site might not be visible to Google’s normal search engine, but I got it through their new blog search engine (you can check it out at If you’re concerned with security, I’d figure out how to get it not to show up there…

    ~Lauren 🙂

  3. 3

    Eh – I’m not concerned about security – I just updated the backend of wordpress, which provides some security updates in addition to other things.

    Besides, why would anybody try to hack this site? It’s hardly big enough to merit any attention. 😛

    However, welcome to the site! 😛

  4. 4

    awww thanx 🙂

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