Jawlz.com Poker?

I’ve been inspired by a certain forumer to see if I can’t manage to get some kind of online poker game up here. I’ve been looking into it, and am trying to decide if it’s possible. I’ve mostly been using open-source php and sql database administration and frontends for this site, but there don’t seem to be many (read: any) completed open-source and free projects for online poker. This would seem to be a potential death knell to this project.

And yet… actually working on something like this on my own could be fun, and would certainly prove to be a great learning experience in coding for php and sql databases (and probably java too so as to design a web-based user interface). So… I’m not comitting myself to this project yet… but I’m doing some research on it. So maybe poker on jawlz.com will exist some day in the future. The possibility, at the very least, seems to exist.

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Date: Tuesday, 6. September 2005 19:17
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    Whoever that forumer is, (s)he is a genius.

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    (s)he’d be MORE of a genius if (s)he offered to do all the coding for it! 😛

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    fresh blood?

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    no, just me

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