A Catalogue of Books

I’ve finally decided to begin making a catalogue of all my books. I found a nifty little free program that will make a book database for you computer here and have since been hard at work putting in book info – there’s a TON of info you can put in for each book – the title and author, of course, but also the publisher, date of publishing, ISBN number, price, number of pages, date, binding, edition, description (like the stuff on the back of books), etc. It’s actually pretty neat, but it’s laborious to put in all the info. I’ve gone through 15 books so far, and if I go at a rate of 15 per day, I think it’ll take me over a month to get them all in. But it should be worth it, I think, despite the rather arduously boring task of inputting all the data. AND I believe there’s also an option to export a list to an HTML file, so… who knows – eventually you may be seeing a Library of Charles appear on this site.

In the mean time, there’s not much to do but keep plugging away at it. But for now… I’ve entered my share of books for the night. On to other things. 😛

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Date: Tuesday, 16. August 2005 20:56
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