Love and Marriage?!?

Interesting thing – being bored of studying GRE vocabulary words, I got out one of my volumes of the OED and was leafing through it; came to the (5 page!) definition of ‘love,’ thought that was interesting, read it, then went back to GRE studying. I left the OED volume open, and it seems a fan was blowing on it, turning roughly 200 pages until it stopped (on its own, unobserved by me, as I was working on GRE terms) on marriage.

Quite a coincidence? You tell me! 😛

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Date: Wednesday, 3. August 2005 21:07
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    It is just a coincidence, of course.
    Just imagine how many times the wind flipped the pages to some other word and you never gave a second thought because the words were not related.

  2. 2

    Nah – I know it’s a coincidence. But it’s not that it happened to be that when I looked, it had STOPPED FLIPPING, even though the wind from the fan was still on it. 😮 (though it had been slowly flipping through pages on its own before it stopped)

    I’m going to try this with all the other volumes of the dictionary now too. 😛

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