A Long Overdue Post?

So, it seems that I somehow lost 3 days or so, and those days went on without any site updates. Alas! And I will have to save my promised posts on what understanding is/means/etc until the weekend when I have time to mull over my thoughts and to actually write them down.

I will, in the mean time, have smaller updates, and will post an old short story I wrote back in my Santa Cruz days (and perhaps after that older stories, and possibly younger too). I will in the mean time jot down notes to myself on my next ‘topic’ post, which will hopefully have something about which people can comment and debate and such. But for now, a story (two if I can find the picture that goes with one of them). I’ll put a little preamble type thing before each begins, so you can have some idea of my current thoughts on what I wrote then (feel free to read them after the story if you think that they might spoil anything, though I’ll try to keep them ‘spoiler-free,’ so to speak.

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Date: Thursday, 28. July 2005 23:24
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