On the Attempted London Bombings

London Skyline

Today there were more attempted bombings in London. Thankfully they were unsucessful, but they were unnerving nonetheless (especially since Lauren is currently in London), and they did manage to bring down a good portion of London’s transportation system regardless. In my opinion, those evil persons who attempt such things should be round up and shot. Those that would kill hundreds or thousands of innocent people, with the express aim of killing hundreds or thousands of innocent people, for whatever reason, are not human. And we should not delude ourselves into thinking otherwise.

An interesting thing happened in the conference given by Tony Blair and Aulstralia’s PM John Howard. A reporter attempted to insinuate that Britain’s global policies, and particularly its aid of US operations in Iraq, were to blame for the bombings of the 7th and the attempted bombings today. Tony Blair rightly said that those responsible for this are nobody but the terrorists who committed these crimes. He is certainly right. John Howard, however, made an extraordinary response. Terrorist acts have been occuring in western nations long before Iraq, and long before Afghanistan. That they occur now does not mean that the West’s ‘war on terror’ is responsible. And what has been done, and what is being done, is the right thing to do. I will post a transcript of his response as soon as I have one available to post.

In the mean time, my thoughts will be with people of and in London, and I sincerely hope that London beefs up its security enough that the only reason terrorist attacks fail is luck and terrorist incompetence. Because as we have seen today, security there is in dire need of improvement.

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Date: Thursday, 21. July 2005 10:26
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    Yup, I have always like John Howard, along with José María Aznar (former PM of Spain).
    Also, UK and Europe must put an end to radical Islamists in their country by deporting anyone who advocates violence in Britain or Europe or the West.

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