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Well, it’s about 1:40 in the morning here in balmy Southern California, and I’ve found something with which to occupy myself. What, you ask, is that thing? Why, you’re looking at it at this very moment! On a half-whim, I decided to start up my own webpage, and after finding an excellent deal with a company that is currently hosting it, here it is.

After about 5 hours of getting this thing set up, it looks like it’s up and running and working (for the time being); it only took me restarting the entire site once to get things figured out (for the most part…). The general format/design/graphics of this site will probably change some time in the near future (lacking any currently installed real image-editing program on my computer, I’ve been reduced to MS Paint 🙁 ), though the general idea and layout should stay pretty close to how it is right now.

I’ll try my best to keep the posts here coming. Please feel free to comment on them! I’ve also gotten some forums set up, and registration is currently open to anyone who’s interested. Enjoy a nice relaxing break from the fast-paced never-a-minute’s-rest posting of the my.ucla forums, and possibly also talk with other friends of Jawlz who (for better or worse) lack the UCLA pedigree!

And I think that that’ll be my final post for now. I’m going to go off to bed and dream of what wonderful things I can now do with this website.


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Date: Wednesday, 20. July 2005 1:46
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    Well, at the very least you got the time working. Kudos!

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    Yep! I’m beginning to understand how these call functions work (almost brings back old days of programming code badly). And I want to add the weather tracker, and think I could manage it, but am afraid that It’d make everything go kaput and make me start over again. Not fun at all. I’ll probably make a backup of everything before I add that in.

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